Atco Collective Agreement

The aim of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between JheEmployer,.the Alliance. and to define the terms of employment of employees and, in this case, certain conditions of employment on which an agreement has been reached through collective bargaining. Please note that when a collective agreement expires, its provisions remain in effect until a new collective agreement is negotiated or a strike or lockout takes place. Collective Agreements:CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Commercial Institutional Agreement [pdf]CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Industrial Agreement [pdf] DLI Maintenance Agreement Alberta [pdf]Standard All Employee Agreement [pdf]Carpenters Standard Commercial/Institutional [pdf] Carpenters Standard Industrial [pdf] Letter of Interpretation for Meal Breaks [pdf] CHC/AHC Collective Agreement [pdf] M/V Nicola Lax Kw`alaams Ferry Service [pdf] SRC Industries [pdf] DLI – Edmonton Module [pdf] DLI Construction Agreement-Alberta [pdf]CNRL Horizon-HCML-Division 8 Agreement [pdf]JVD Construction Alberta [pdf]District No. 78 (Fraser-Cascade) [pdf]Adey Brothers Scaffolding Solutions Ltd. [pdf]Petrowest Site C Project Labour Agreement [pdf] AFDE Site C Collective Agreement [pdf] CMAW Northern Civil Energy Inc Site C Agreement [pdf] Community Benefits Agreement [link] AARC-Westing Inc ALL Employee Agreement [pdf]ATCO – Project Labour Agreement for LNG BC Camp Facilities (Cedar Valley Lodge) [pdf]ATCO – Project Labour Agreement for Site C [pdf] Agreement for Site C.O.P. [pdf] DLI – ICI Construction Agreement – BC [pdf]DLI Construction Agreement – Nunavut [pdf]Greystone Design Management Ltd. Agreement [pdf]Jim Dent Construction Ltd. Site C Agreement [pdf]Kingston-SBW-WIC Commercial Institutional Agreement [pdf]Kingston-SBW-WIC Industrial Agreement [pdf]Pacific Builders Supplies Agreement [pdf]Riteway Mechanical Repairs Ltd. Agreement [pdf] Atlantic Industries Limited Agreement [pdf] Can CLRA employers learn more about, learn more about how the Community helps the Community? Look at! The employer recognizes the alliance as an exclusive bargaining partner for all workers of the employer described in the certificate issued by the Canada Labour Relations Board and amended from time to time. Standard All Employee [pdf]Carpenters Standard Commercial/Institutional [pdf]Carpenters Standard Industrial [pdf] CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Commercial Institutional Agreement [pdf] CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Industrial Agreement [pdf] AFDE Site C [pdf] Jim Dent Construction Site C [pdf] Petrowest Site C [pdf] Don`t see your agreement? E-mail to tell us what`s missing! Below is a list of salary plans for different sectors and geographies. If you are a member and are unsure of the compensation plan that is applicable to you, please contact your office closest to the local union.