Kitchen Cabinets Agreement

I made my cabinets by a local carpenter. It was recommended by my KDs and worked for both. She made an offer to the KDs, I accepted it and I handed out a cheque for 1/3 of the cost. I didn`t receive a receipt! So I was a little nervous, but I met her this morning and she gave me a repeat drawer. Your carpenter may want half before and half after completion. All you really need to find out, IMO, is: When the cabinets are ready, and how the payment will be structured. 1. A $xx down payment is made at the signing of this contract. To make accurate measurements or patterns, it is necessary to remove structures such as tiles, splashbacks, cabinets or other objects that obstruct or block the way to reach a clear extension line. If, for some reason, this is not possible, Culina compensates herself for any claim that leads to imprecise measures.

B. This contract includes the entire contract of Craft Interiors Corp. and customers and can only be amended in writing by all parties involved. e. Installation: Installation times are estimated based on the number of items to be installed (- cabinets, loads, – scribes and the like), loading and unloading time, travel, tools set up, site cleaning, location conditions, accessibility and – by installers. The estimated and allocated time indicated in the sales order represents a good accessibility of the site and a good availability to obtain finished milling work. If situations that are not the responsibility of the craft, which require the installation team of craftsmen to take more hours to complete the project as described in the order of sale, the additional cost is 90 USD per hour per installer. If you are collecting your own cabinets or have arranged third-party pickup, please note that we do not provide any restrictions or packaging of any kind. Flat-packed cabinets are packaged and require a forklift to lift it onto and below the vehicle/trailer, so the cargo space should not have fixed sides. Mounted cabinets are cumbersome and usually require large cargo space and large amounts of protection (covers) and chains/attached.

We take no responsibility for the damage to the closets we collect — all our closets are checked before loading. You must also have at least 2 people to load the cabinets, as it is possible that it is not possible to use our staff (except on advance notice). I would also be in specific cabinets – like many, what size, what style, what wood, stain or paint, plywood boxes, etc. – the more details you have, less misunderstandings. Unless you and we have another agreement in this contract, this document represents the full and exclusive agreement between the customer and Kitchenscapes with respect to the purpose of this contract and contains all agreements and terms of sale. The mode of operation or the mode of operation of the trade does not apply, unless it is expressly included in this context. When reading the contract, make sure that you read the entire document until the end of the contract, as the contract is final during negotiations. If a contract is entered into with Culina Cabinets, regardless of the client`s fine print, this contract (TERMS OF TRADE) is the final agreement when documents indicating the potential for liquidated damage of any kind are made available to the retail, commercial or commercial customers of Culina Firms, culina Cabinets is not responsible for such claims in any form, the client or another third party. It was all verbal, and those are our particular notions. I told her when I wanted the kitchen to be ready, she told me her time estimate, and we agreed on the payment plan.