Motorcycle Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

7.9 The use of the bike on any circuit, circuit or closed circuit is prohibited; with the exception of closed equestrian training. 2. The Tenant takes into account the fact that the insurance policies do not cover damage to the insured rental object caused by a person driving the vehicle and who did not hold the driver`s licence required for the vehicle – or whose driver`s licence had been confiscated by the competent authorities – when the insurance event was caused by a person driving the insured vehicle while under alcohol or psychotropic substances. (c) in case of damage to the bike, regardless of how it was caused, a non-refundable fee of 24.2 euros-TVA to cover administrative costs. The customer-MOTO PLAISIR.FR ™ is committed to complying with the general rental conditions. 1. The theme of rent will be given to the tenant in perfect technical condition, including the certificate of fitness to drive vehicles, green card and keys From the end of the tenancy, all rehabilitation and downtime costs will be borne by the tenant in the maximum amount of the deposit, according to the list of prices available to the site and will add to the rental fee 7.2 Unlimited kilometers are included in the rental fee Lease. In addition to the fees provided for in Chapters 2, 4 and 5, you must pay the company, at the end of the rental period, unless otherwise agreed, the following amounts: (e) All fines, penalties, court costs and other charges imposed or imposed on the company due to the illegal use of the motorcycle by the tenant, plus an administrative fee of 50 euros per fine. The additional tenants or drivers mentioned at the front of this contract remain responsible for illegal acts. Once the damage has been determined, the tenant must immediately declare the rent and file a complaint with the relevant authorities. (e) the company cannot waive its rights under the law and this agreement. The SPM lease refers to the contract you have with SPM for the rental of the bike and consists of: (a) the SPM lease (lease contract); and (b) these rental conditions (CGV). (d) This agreement replaces all previous written or oral agreements between the company and the tenant.

The tenant is liable for damage to vehicles or vehicle components, for whatever reason, unless the cause is attributable to the owner. Must have at least 2 years of motorcycle driving experience (3 years for cars).