Pa 1793 Diversion Agreement Form

Section 1441. Appointment of the Special Detective with the authorization of the court.-The district attorney of each county may, with the agreement of the wages commission, whenever the Joint Pleading Court and the District Attorney may be required for a particular and temporary task to assist a special detective whose mission is to assist in obtaining evidence directed by the District Attorney for the Commonwealth and other tasks that the court is able to prosecute. The special detective will necessarily and effectively be engaged in the performance of his duties. (d) Outside of employment.–Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, a person employed as sheriff, deputy sheriff, detective or other county police officer may perform an external job, including security employment, for a period during which the person is not employed as a district employee, unless this is prohibited by other means by a resolution or county decree. Landkreis is not liable for damages resulting from an act of a person acting in accordance with this subsection. Section 1750. Claims against the Landkreis.–The prefect or county commissioners in counties that do not have a controller must review, verify and decide all invoices, receivables and claims against the Landkreis, unless otherwise made in this subdivision. Anyone with such claims must first submit the claims to the processing manager or district manager and, if necessary, have sworn or confirmed the accuracy of the claims before the person in charge of the treatment or delegate. The person in charge of the processing or the members of the Board may, if necessary, require proof from the applicant, by oath or confirmation, that the fee is final and that the supplies or services for which payment is requested have been provided or provided under legal supervision. The person in charge of the processing or the agents may ask or determine whether a county official or agent is interested in the contract that may give rise to a right or whether he has received or received a commission, consideration or tips, or whether a circumvention of the provisions of this act by the creation of two or more contracts for small amounts that should have been in one of them. If one of them finds that such a public servant or agent, unless it is provided for in Section 1806, either whether he is interested or has been circumvented, the person in charge of the processing or the commissioners refuse to authorize the claim. Section 1602.

Accounts receivable system; Each public servant collecting taxes is required by a billing system, the form of which is imposed by the processing officer, or where such an office is not provided by county controllers, in or on which all funds and funds paid and billed to the county are paid for the fees. , with the day and date, the title of the application, if any, for which service and by whom it was received. Compiler`s Note: Act 142 of 2006 amended Section 103 (7) of the County Code. Section 6 of Act 142 provides that the amendment applies retroactively to heritage investments for taxes collected and collected from January 1, 2005 for the tax periods of political subdivisions, and Section 4 prohibits interpreting or justifying the amendment as an authorization, ratification or confirmation of an assessment of signs or signs as property , or to create a consequence that the General District Assessment Act, which, the Law of May 22, 1933 (P.L.853, No. 155), was not to be applied uniformly.