Quorum Subordination Agreement

Section 3.21 work. Except as stated in Appendix 3.21, there are no strikes, lockouts or slowdowns from the deadline against the borrower or a subsidiary threatened with knowledge of the written communication or procedure. The assumption of the transactions under this agreement does not give rise to any right of termination or renegotiation by a union as part of a collective agreement to which the borrower or a subsidiary is bound. Except in accordance with Schedule 3.21, on the reference date, neither the borrower nor a subsidiary are parties to a collective agreement or other employment contract applicable to the persons employed in an institution. SECTION 9.17 Confidentiality. Any administrative agent, collateral agent and Lenders undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the information (as defined below), except that the information (a) may be disclosed to its representatives, managers, employees and representatives, including accountants, legal advisors, numbering, administration and billing service providers (it goes without saying that the persons to whom this information is provided are informed and informed of the confidentiality of this information to retain this information.b) to the extent required by a regulatory authority or quasi-regulatory authority (such as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners), (c) to the extent required by applicable laws or regulations or by state court proceedings or similar legal proceedings, (d) in the exercise of any recourse in the context of this procedure or action , an appeal or procedure relating to the performance of their rights in the context of the , (e) subject to an agreement with provisions that essentially correspond to those of this section 9.17, (i) to any effective or potential assignee of any of its rights or obligations arising from this agreement and other loan documents, or (ii) a real or potential consideration (or advisers) , a swap or derivative transaction relating to the borrower or subsidiary or any of its respective liabilities, (f) with the consent of the borrower or g) to the extent that this information is available to the public outside of a violation of this section 9.17.