Total War Attila Trade Agreement

Tilea and Estalia are also very difficult to obtain as business partners for reasons I can`t understand. If you don`t burn their cities quickly and eradicate their population with them. Due to the high levels of corruption in Attilla, you need to trade to keep decent incomes in the game later. Trade agreements are pretty much always a good thing. As a master of the art of commerce, Kong Rong has two unique ways to further increase its commercial influence: maintaining a high population and a unique agreement in diplomacy that further enhances the strength of its trade relations network. A note, but – if they offer you a trade deal and their probability of acceptance is high – it means you can make some money out of it. All diplomacy is in fact just a system. Ask for something from them, it could cost X gold. You will accept if you offer X Gold (probably more or less a certain amount), so it is a network of zero (their opinion of you will also add in the modifiers, I believe). If it says low, you have to offer more. if its high, ask for money from its moderate. try when they still refuse a slightly less request.

Trade can take place between two political groups in campaign mode. Trade agreements can be concluded on the diplomatic screen, allowing political groups to exchange trade resources and generate additional revenue for both factions. It`s because of the Lore. If you were an elf, you wouldn`t negotiate with a vampire. The Three Kingdoms have the new system of commercial influence for all political groups that decide how much they benefit from a trade agreement and a system particularly important for Kong Rong. Commercial income is determined by comparing the relative commercial influence of the two factions – the more commercial influence you have, the more the common pot is paid to them as income. In short, the more commercial influence you have, the more you benefit from trade agreements. Animal men, greenskin and chaos warriors cannot act.

I have never seen evidence that more commercial resources would increase the likelihood of someone agreeing to a trade agreement. The diplomatic system is very veiled here. I have seen that groups with 200-plus relationships are opposed to profitable trade for them and that groups with 5-strong relationships accept the same trade. On the left (on your side), the interface shows you how much you earn with the trade and resources you export to your trading partner.