Tower Hamlets Tenancy Agreement

When registering a sublease with THH, you must file a copy of the lease for each lease you have proposed and present a copy of a gas safety certificate for the property you are subletting. If this is not respected, the former owner is responsible for any breach of the lease until the owner or new landlord communicates to the tenant the name and address of the new owner. You should have a written rental agreement with all the information you need. Your rent should not increase during the fixed rental period. In June 2016, Rahman filed an application to repurchase the lease on the grounds that he was a nephew of the occupier and that he lived with him in the one-bedroom apartment on Headlam Street in Whitechapel. Your lease must be fair and understandable. They should not be taken with surprise charges. If your landlord does not give you a written agreement, the law says that he must give you certain information in writing: It is not uncommon for a landlord to issue a tenant with a license agreement. Some homeowners may even view this as good housing management, especially if they rent HMO property or rent room-based property, as they can expect a licensing agreement to give them more flexibility to remove someone who is behaving antisocially or is not being treated with other residents. However, if the facts of the agreement result in a tenancy agreement, the person is a tenant and the landlord`s decision to enter into a licensing agreement or to qualify it as an occupancy permit is a deceptive act under the consumer protection provisions. Your rights and obligations as a tenant and our obligations as a landlord are stipulated in your rental agreement. Both cases focused on property managers who wrongly told their tenants that they were ”licensed” as opposed to tenants. The court found that the occupants were in fact tenants and should have been granted to Assured Shorthold Tenancies (the corresponding statutory rent for new private tenants in England).