University Of Nottingham Framework Agreements

Contracting involves the creation of a framework agreement with several economic operators. Maximum number of participants in the planned framework agreement: 4 1 – 12/06/17 to 11/06/20 2 – 01/08/17 – 31/08/20 3 – 27/09/17, New procurement frameworks expected to begin for 3 years from Q1 2018 A wide range of products is purchased in all of these sub-categories, some of which come from international producers operating in low-cost countries. For some of these sub-categories, the university applies its requirements to the purchase of universities and other consortium framework agreements. Web: [1] North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium Ltd (NEUPC) is one of six UK university procurement consortia created to provide and manage a wide range of collaborative framework agreements to maximise third-party spending in the higher education sector. If you are not satisfied with the processing of your application and would like to request a review of our response or a complaint, please read the attached fact sheet and form. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this email. With our greetings, Karen Page Information Compliance Officer – Freedom of Information Registrar`s Department Web:… E-mail: [University of Nottingham request email] v. Possible extension of the framework Some projects may be financed entirely or partially by European funds. The framework is not bulk due to the need for management resources. The framework can be used by other adjudicator powers in the East Midlands. This list is not exhaustive, but it may include: De Montfort University, Nottingham Trent University, Loughborough College, Nottingham College, Leicestershire County Council.

The purchasing team continues to work with the Higher Education Procurement Association (HEPA) and other purchasing consortia to include modern slavery clauses in all new HE framework contracts. If the framework agreements do not contain appropriate modern slavery clauses, specific additional clauses for the use of NTU are included in the mini-tenders. The use of a NEUPC partnership approach provides collaborative purchasing know-how, directions and agreements that meet members` needs, values and objectives and actively support. 1 – Framework for the design and management of contracts for small construction projects. 2 – Framework for the provision of project management and cost management services (royalties cover up to $30 million in project value). 3 – Framework for the provision of architectural and engineering design services. This framework is currently the subject of a new tender for renewal. The University of Nottingham intends to create, with five contractors, a framework for the supply of mechanical and electrical works. The framework will be valid for up to 4 years (two to one year plus 1 year depending on the performance of the contractors). The value of the framework is estimated at about 5 million pounds per year, for a total amount of 20 million LIVES over the four years of the framework. – Use three frames. – Collects offers in accordance with our financial rules for one-off services or small value commissions that do not exceed the values of the OJEU.

2. If by your own executive, please advise: a. The title and content of the relevant environment Brief description: The University of Nottingham wishes to create a framework agreement for executive research services for the recruitment of senior executives and senior professional services, which will be valid for 3 years, with the possibility of extending by an additional 12 months.