Venture Capital Management Agreement

17.1 Voting rights (applicable law) This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales. 17.5 Full Agreement This agreement and the documents mentioned in it constitute the whole agreement reached between the parties on its purpose and replace all previous agreements, agreements, assurances and guarantees on this purpose. 12.4 Consequences of Termination In the event of termination of this Agreement: 10.2 Investor Recognition Notwithstanding Clause 10.1, you acknowledge that Jelix performs similar management functions for other customers (including clients who are Jelix subsidiaries) and owes other clients obligations that correspond to or are similar to the obligations it owes under this Agreement. When its customers purchase securities from the same issuer, Jelix acts in the best interests of customers as a whole with respect to that issuer. 17.6 Severability Any clause in this contract, which is totally or partially cancelled or unenforceable, is dissociated to the extent that it is nullity or unenforceable. The validity or applicability of the rest of this Contract is not affected. 12.3 The termination by Jelix Manager Jelix may terminate this contract if: 12.2 Termination by the investor You can terminate this contract, if Jelix commits a substantial violation of this agreement and such an infringement cannot be corrected within 30 days of notification of the infringement. This is an agreement between you (you or the investor) and Jelix Ventures Management Company Pty Ltd ACN 613 582 773 (us, us or Jelix) regarding your investment in a company (an issuer) via our website in (platform). It defines the services we will provide you and the fees you have to pay and other things you need to do in exchange for these services. Each activated term defined differently in this agreement has the meaning given to it in paragraph 18.1 of this Agreement. 12.1 Reciprocal termination Parties may terminate the contract in writing at any time. 1.

Introduction 2. When will this agreement apply? 3. Confirmations 4. Administrative functions 5. Exceptions 6. Proxy 7. Nominated 8. Opportunities to acquire additional securities 9.

Reports 10. Jelix 11 bonds. Fee 12. Termination 13. Liability limitations 14. Privacy 15. Representations and guarantees 16. 17. Generalities 18. Definitions and Interpretation 17.7 Variation We can change this agreement at any time and from time to time. We will notify you of any changes that, in accordance with the provisions of this termination agreement, will seriously infringe your rights. If you do not accept the amendment: 18.2 Interpretation In this agreement, the following rules of interpretation apply, unless the intent is contrary: the securities are shares of an issuer or options, warrants, bonds, future equity agreements or other instruments that may be converted into shares of an issuer or converted into shares.

You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree: you must not disclose confidential information about Jelix, an issuer or their respective companies, except: 4.2 Exclusive of the appointment With respect to the issuer, you agree not to: 11.4 For administrative costs for sub-years Administrative fees are charged for each year in which you hold these securities , pro-assessment. Jelix refunds any additional payment of administrative fees when such securities are sold.