Verge Agreement Meaning

I thought you and I were already on the VERGE of agreement. In a variety of industries, the Chinese224 See z.B., Jason Verge, Microsoft launches Azure in China Via 21Vianet Group, DATACENTER KNOWLEDGE, (May 22, 2013) (”In November 2012, Microsoft, 21Vianet and the Shanghai Municipal Government announced a strategic partnership agreement in which Microsoft is authorized to leverage the know-how and rights of technology and provide Office 365 and Windows Azure services in China 21. … he was on the VERGE to give missile secrets to a North Korean spy… The best way to learn English is to read the news and watch the news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, to deduce from words, to understand culture and humour. If you`ve ever seen these shows, you remember the words used in the following dialog boxes. Dr. Cooper is about to make a breakthrough. Greater Atlanta Concessions LLC Hartsfield Hospitality LLCHBF Joco JV, LLCHBF Pappas JV, LLC (Pappas Rest 50/50) HBF PFC JV, LLCHBF Velocity JV, LLC HBF Verge JV, LLCHMS Host-Shellis-Trans Air, Joint VentureHojeij Branded Foods Inc. Nick Miroff, Is Cuba on the Vergeic Reform?,