What Is Periodic Tenancy Agreement

In the case of a lease that, after the first period, moves to a Perioian period: X months from and then every month until the termination of a periodic lease is much more flexible than a fixed-term lease, especially if the lease is monthly. For one of the parties to terminate the relationship, there is a much shorter notice period and no need to wait for the expiry of the term. It also avoids the need to renegotiate the lease. This is particularly useful if both parties are satisfied with the current regime; it saves money, time and effort on both sides to make the lease a periodic lease as opposed to lease renewal. Meanwhile, I continued to chat with the two tenants, asking them what they prefer, to a new contract and also with the real estate agents, sharing my thought that it seems pretty unfair that their commission fees remain as high ad infinitum until the tenant moves. I mentioned that once my tenants move, I may have to choose different agents who reduce their commission year after year, etc. if they do not want to negotiate this with me for new tenants. Well, to my surprise, they contacted me today to say that as a gesture of goodwill, they will reduce the commission by 1/2%, now that two years have passed and the tenants who may stay a few more years. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. I had a temporary rent of 12 months, which was then extended by 6 months (another fixed term) at the end of the first 12 months, leaving $120 for the privilege of staying and she increased the rent. The duration of the 6-month period is in progress in March and I would like to obtain a one-month rolling contract in order to have more freedom in the search in another location – can my owner/agent legally refuse me and familiarize me with another fixed-term contract? Thank you, I would consider the clause as a declaration of law (in a legal periodic lease agreement, the LL must terminate at least 2 months in advance), but the law also says that an S21 notice issued during the fixed term is effective for further termination.