Which States Are Nrc Agreement States

The State of Wyoming supports the regulator of all current licenses for which radioactive materials are governed by their agreement. The NRC would retain the regulatory power of the other 100 state licensees who are not linked to uranium mills. If there are programmatic agreements for current licences, who will ensure that the terms of these agreements are met if the NRC relinquishes its authority? Will nrc amend or denounce these agreements? What are the stages of the process by which a state becomes a contracting state? What will happen to the licence applications that have been challenged before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board (ASLB) and have not yet been finalized with the Entry of the Wyoming Agreement? (1) Must: at least 3 days prior to the first participation in each activity in a calendar year, a submission form containing an NRC 241 form, a ”report on activities contemplated in non-party countries,” a copy of its contract-compliant licence and the corresponding fee under Section 170.31 of this chapter with the regional administrator of the regional office of the U.S. Nuclear Supervisory Authority , listed on form NRC 241 and in Appendix D of Part 20 of this chapter for the region in which the contracting state that issued the licence is located. If an applicant cannot be submitted three days before he participates in mutual activities in case of emergency or for any other reason, the regional administrator may waive the three-day period, provided that the licensee: the contracting states have entered into agreements with nrC giving them the power to grant licenses and inspect by-products, sources or nuclear materials used or possessed within their borders. Any applicant, with the exception of a federal authority or an Indian strain recognized by the Confederation, who holds or wishes to use licensed documents in one of these contracting states, should contact the relevant officials of that state for information on the preparation of an application. These applications must be filed with officials, not with the NRC. Some states, known as contracting states, have agreements with the NRC that give them the power to regulate radioactive material within their borders.