Ua National Pipe Fabrication Agreement

All conditions and conditions of the Framework Agreement that are not revised, modified or deleted by this addition shall remain in full force and effect for the work performed under this Addition. As soon as an employer is bound by this amendment, the employer is automatically bound by the framework contract. This amendment takes place at the same time as the framework contract and, when the framework agreement ends, the amendment terminates automatically. 19. A journeyman or apprentice who, during or after the normal hours of this Agreement, is required to perform work within the meaning of Annex A, either as a self-employed person or for a person or undertaking which does not agree with the Union, shall be brought before the Board of Directors of the Local Union and duly sanctioned if the Board is found guilty. (235) This Agreement does not apply to work carried out by the contractor of a new nature, such work to be carried out in accordance with the existing construction contract. The selection of trainees under this programme shall be made from qualified candidates solely on the basis of qualifications and without taking into account race, faith, skin colour, sex, national origin, age or non-professionally relevant physical requirements, in accordance with objective standards for verifying the possibility of applying fully and fairly. This programme is implemented on a completely non-discriminatory basis and must in no way violate federal and regional laws, directives and implementing regulations on equal employment opportunities. (251) Both parties agree on the widest possible recourse to sub-members of the jurisdiction of a vehicle, provided that such a classification is included in the local agreement of that vehicle and in accordance with the provisions of those agreements. .

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